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Stormforce 6.1M

Size: 6.1 metres

INFORMATION for the Stormforce 6.1M

The 6.1 has undergone many hours of testing in extreme conditions to develop the perfect RIB hull. Although it may be the smallest model in our range, the RIB is more than capable of tackling big seas with ease and determination. The Stormforce 6.1 is an excellent sea boat giving a stable dry run even in the roughest of conditions.

The Stormforce 6.1 is a deep V hull form, which is one of the reasons that this RIB has such fantastic abilities in rough offshore conditions. The deep V hull is combined with sprayrails to produce additional lift and improve the hydrodynamics of the hull. The tube is designed to sit firmly in contact with the water surface while at rest; this ensures that the RIB has maximum stability.

The Redbay 6.1 has been described as "one of the most sure-footed craft of it’s size I can remembering handling" (Hugo Montgomery Swan from RIB International).

Specification for the Stormforce 6.1M
    Length Overall: 6.10 metres
    Beam Overall: 2.62 metres
    Internal Length: 4.96 metres
    Internal Beam: 1.50 metres
    Hull Weight: 620 Kg
    Max Hp: 175 Hp
    CE Category: B
Idea uses for the Stormforce 6.1M
    Leisure/family use
    Offshore cruising
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